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Methinks the Lady doth protest too much....

A phrase you'll not hear from Queen Gertrude around BCYC...

Sailboat racing is a gentleperson's sport and in the Corinthian spirit we too often do not protest when we know we really should. Yet this does NOT help our competitors, especially when they are new to sailboat racing.

In order to have and hear protests there needs to be a protest committee made up of individuals who do not have a vested interest in the outcome of the protest. To that end, I want to invite any members who may feel they have an opinion and a desire to share it to volunteer to be BCYC's protest committee. You do not have to know the racing rules as well as you know your bible, as the rules are presented along with the protest, and the appeals process will help you learn if you make a mistake in your decision on a particular protest. You WILL know the racing rules as you hear more and more protests and so will the competitors which is the goal.

Racers who know there is no consequence, will press their advantage on the race  course and can lead to inappropriate sailing behavior and may result in unnecessary collisions.

If you have a "thin skin" and handle criticism poorly, do not apply. This is NOT a position for frail egos. To learn more before allowing your right hand to rise toward the ceiling, click on the link below before contacting the BCYC Race Chairman.

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