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"Duh" Flag Awards

Not your ordinary yacht club award

If our Flag Officer, Tony Angel, finds out that a captain made a stupid error, while on their boat, our Flag Officer invents a flag to be presented to the embarrassed captain. The "Duh" Flag Awards,
invented by George Freund (pictured right), are unique and BCYC is the only known boat club to offer such awards. George, who joined BCYC in 1982, served as Commodore, Board Member, Christmas Parade Chairman, and Vice Commodore; and to most members of our club, created the most honorable position, the club’s Flag Officer.

Captains, watch it and do not fall off your boat, hit another boat or marker, drag an anchor, be caught nude on the deck of you boat, forget to unhook your electric power cord before leaving the dock and many more.

BCYC cruiser, be careful, our current Flag Officer Tony is watching for you to screw up. 

Here are a few flags awarded over the last few years:

The following are a few of George's and Tony's "Duh" Awards that are presented at the Installation Banquet and Dance held in January each year.

Water pump failed, engine overheated, Captain did not properly check his engine

Dragged Anchor, did not properly set their anchor 

Boat Captain ran the vessel hard aground 
Captain caught NUDE on
the deck of his vessel

Boat had to be towed

 Fell getting on or off
their boat

 Flying the wrong flag.
Learn the purpose
of your flags
  One night a gang boarded their boat, took their liquor, and put toilet paper
all over the boat

Captain not paying
attention and ran out
of the channel

Captain was heading
in wrong direction and almost hit another boat


 Captain mad,
he was being told how
to sail their boat

Boat’s engine failed
while on a cruise

Captain had to jump
from the dock to get
on their boat

On board radio failed, battery died, dropped
and it broke, or could not figure out how to use it

 Lights went out, battery failed, electric short, and
no hand held light that
would work

 All battery power lost,
could not start the engine, lost use of GPS, lights
or all other electrical

Engine would not start,
lost power, starter failed, or some electrical component, switch, wire shorted out

Lost all lighting,
had to travel in absolute darkness

 On board cell phone failed, battery died, dropped
and it broke, or could not figure out how to use it

Went crazy due to an accident, Captain did something stupid that blew their mind, got hit in the head with a sail boom,
or a safety hook

Bent their rudder,
ran aground, or hit some underwater object when being somewhere that
they should not

 Trying to sail without
putting down the centerboard

 Best Flag of all, a lollipop, an reward for helping a fellow sailor

Captain tied their finger
and not the cleat

 Captain knocks a hole through boat's hull

Got caught swimming
 in the nude
 Super Nice Captain,
fixed a helpless
Club member's sail

Bad bad bad prop.
Hadn't cleaned the prop in years, engine moaned
and squeaked

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