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Resources to help get us all going with paddle sports!

 Beginning Kayaking
 Beginning Canoeing
 Beginning Paddle Boarding

 Beginning Paddle Board Strokes
 Common Beginner Paddle Board Mistakes
 Beginning Windsurfing
 Windsurfing Rigging/Un-rigging
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We now have 7 single kayaks, one 2-person kayak, 4 windsurfers, and 3 stand-up paddle boards!

The kayaks are on the kayak rack to the west of the boat ramp, and everything else is in the Paddle Sports shed, including the kayak paddles.  Look for the newly built, fresh wood rack. Next to it is our BCYC canoe! These are all secured with locks and the combination is the same as the front gate entry combination.  Paddles are in the Paddle Sports Room.  Instruction video link can be at the top of this page. There are also links to instruction videos for paddle boarding, canoeing and windsurfing.

The Paddle Sports Room is the new storage area built on the back wall of the Club when the new white fencing was installed. The combination is again the same as the entry gate combination.

The Club's 3 paddle boards are stored in the Paddle Sports Room along with their paddles and the all important Ankle Leash you need to use when paddle boarding! Please be sure to look at the instructional video if you haven't paddle boarded before.

The 4 windsurfers are also stored in the Paddle Sports Room. Any experienced windsurfers that would be willing to share their expertise with members please contact me ( or Becky Gilmore.

Please sign out equipment on the log located on the Paddle Sports Bulletin Board on the wall to the right of the computer desk inside the Clubhouse.

Remember you need to have a life vest with whistle attached. I highly recommend paddling back into Clam Bayou. It goes quite a ways back with some good wildlife viewing and peaceful waters!

Anyone interested in doing some group paddling please let me know and I will see what we can pull together for some informal Clam Bayou paddles... it is especially nice before sunset when it cools down :)    We might also hold some informal "how to" lessons prior to a sunset paddle on kayaks or paddle boards followed by some adventuring over to the Casino area for Tuesday Morning Market Coffee or a Caddy's/O'Maddy's cocktail. These are your boats too...

Photos of us doing fun things... (to be updated as we go)

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