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2018 PHRF Sunday Series

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2018 Fall Series

2017 Summer/Fall Series

2017 Winter/Spring Series

2017 Santa Sail!

BCYC Spring/Summer and Summer Fall Series
shall follow the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) as prescribed by US Sailing
  • Eligibility & Entry: Racing is open to BCYC Members and guest sailing PHRF rated sailboats.
  • Races are held on the Sunday following monthly BCYC member meetings which are held the 3rd Friday of each month
  • BCYC Race Starting Sequence (TBD click here)
  • BCYC Race Course/Buoy positions on Boca Ciega Bay click here
  • 2016 Notice of Race (NOR) click here

In 2016, the Sunday PHRF* Series race classifications were changed from Spinnaker, Non-Spinnaker and Cruising to PHRF A, B and C. The range of PHRF ratings per each class are summarized as follows:

PHRF A:              Ratings Ranging from 140 – 219

PHRF B:              Ratings Ranging from 220 – 249

PHRF C:              Ratings Ranging from 250 – 286

Overall (A,B,C):  Ratings Ranging from 140 – 286

Race results for participants in each class and a combined “overall” (PHRF a, b & c) will be posted shortly after each race. Please note the PHRF ratings within each class may need to be adjusted to ensure a minimum number of boats to score each class.


* West Florida Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (WFPHRF)


Having a WFPHRF certificate is a good thing, as it allows you to compete in other racing events in our region with your rating. If you do not have a PHRF Rating from WFPHRF, BCYC Race Committee can provide a PHRF Rating for your participating sailboat.


The West Florida Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (WFPHRF) serves the Florida West Coast from Crystal River to Marco Island and all of the Tampa Bay area. The primary objective of WFPHRF is to establish and maintain an equitable system of handicapping boats for the boats owned or chartered by its members.


WFPHRF Ratings are performance handicaps, based on the speed potential and performance of a boat. To the greatest extent possible, race results and observations of actual races provide the data used to determine and monitor ratings. Ratings are determined by members who serve voluntarily as Handicappers on the Rating Committee.


For additional information click here

Helpful Links


Click the link below for a copy of the buoy positions on the 4 leg race course on Boca Ceiga Bay-> 
BCYC PHRF Race Starting Sequence*
Sunday PHRF Series Notice of Race


 An animated guide to the sailboat racing rules...


Boca Ciega Bay Boater's Guide


*modifies RRS 26 


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