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If you want a ride on a racing sailboat, come to BCYC on Racing Sunday (third Sunday of the month, following Work Day) at 11am...crews needed!

Racing sailboats at BCYC can be as simple or as involved as you would like it to be. If “simple” is what you prefer, Sunfish and Prams are a good choice, as they are sailed by one person. The “involved” racers may compete on more complex racing sailboats such as J-24’s, Impulse 21’s, Daysailors, Windmills, Snipes, and Capris to name a few. These sailboats are typically crewed by two or more.

The larger cruising and racing sailboats compete under the Performance Handicap Racing Formula (“PHRF”).

Again these can be boats ranging in size from 18’ to 36’ plus.  The boats generally have a crew ranging from 2 to 5+.  PHRF Racing allows different models of boat (sort of like Chevys Fords Chryslers) to race on the same course with adjustments for the performance differences among the models. In sailboat racing, a faster sailboat will give time to a slower sailboat, over the same course.

Every sailboat participating in PHRF racing receives a PHRF Rating Certificate, which allows all of the different models of sailboats to compete on an even playing field.

The following racing formats are available at BCYC. Check us out!

            PHRF Series:  On Sundays following the Club’s General Membership Meeting (3rd Friday of the month). We have a Spring/Summer series (Jan-May); and a Summer/Fall Series (July-Nov). See  (Link  ) for more detail.


Albin 28                       Capri 22


Catalina 310              Ericson 35

One Design Series Regatta: Capri 16.5, Day Sailor, Windmill, and Sunfish class sailboats BCYC sponsor’s a One Design Championship each November, check out the following (link) for more details. It is anticipated that this program will grow and  become more popular.


Daysailor                       Windmill



BCYC maintains fleets of Capri 16.5’s (6), Sunfish (10), and Prams (10). As a club member, these boats are available for your use once you have demonstrated proficiency of operation.

Women’s Annual BCYC Women’s Challenge Regatta: sponsored by Rhumb Runners. Open to all interested female skippers and crew. No boat, no problem. Please see (link) for more details. 

Tuesday Evening Races: Casual racing on the Club’s Capri 16.5’s and Sunfish boats during the months of Daylight Savings Time (5:00 PM to dusk), with a friendly get-together afterwards. Bring snacks to share and your own beverage if you would like.  

Available to all BCYC members and their guests. Informal racing program with sign up sheet. Boats will be assigned on a first come first serve basis starting at 5:00 PM. You must be present to be assigned to a boat. The signup sheet is located on the Racing bulletin board inside the clubhouse. More detailed instructions are include on the following link. (Click here) for more detail.

                Capri 16.5                                  Sunfish

If there are 3 or more of the same class boat, we can provide a        separate start.

Saturday Racing:  In 2018, BCYC will explore implementation of casual racing on Club Capri 16.5’s and Sunfish during winter months, when Daylight Savings time begins and Tuesday evening racing ends. If successful, we hope to continue the program since BCYC’s objective is to get more people  interested in sailing and out on the water. Sailing is a perfect sport that can be done individually or as a whole family. See (Link ) for more detail.Please see (link) for more details.


                         Capri 16.5                                    Sunfish

Crew Connection Corner: If you are interested in crewing on a racing sailboat or on a single-handed sailboat, please see (link) for more details.

The BCYC Racing program will provide a forum for club members and Sail School participants interested in racing an opportunity to get out on the water and have fun.
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