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Rhumb Runner Mission Statement

The mission of Rhumb Runners is to provide venues for the women of Boca Ciega Yacht Club who are interested in sailing, social activities, community involvement, fellowship, and fun.  Our commitment is to offer educational opportunities that will build confidence and foster independence while promoting the sport of sailing.  We welcome all women regardless of where their interests lie, both on and off the water.

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Rhumb Runner Racing - April 2017 

The first Rhumb Runners Winter Racing Series finished up on April 9th. While the weather wasn't always in our favor and attendance sporadic we managed to get in 7 races! I consider it a success and a Fall series is planned along with more sailing/racing lessons. As always we welcome guests with their own boats and BCYC club guys to join us. Rhumb Runners will get first choice of the club owned boats. 

Many thanks to our Race Committee and Safety Boat Team, they were great sports for the entire season. 

Following are the series results: Newbie Rhumb Runners; first place, Suzanne Boohar, second place, Sheree Annen, third place, Becky Gilmore. Seasoned Rhumb Runners; first place, Paula Shur, second place, Lisa Glaser, third place, Barb Meyer. 

On April 11th Suzanne Boohar and I had the opportunity to race in an interclub hosted by the Salty Sisters (SPYC) at the St. Petersburg Sailing Center. We had a nice east wind but that makes for a rather unpleasant chop especially in small boat racing. Suzanne competed with 12 pram sailors, placing midfleet, which is quite impressive for her first time racing an Opti. There were 5 Sunfish and I got to race against my sister Windlasses as a "Rhumb Runner." I placed 3rd overall and we both got an Easter Bunny for our efforts. I'm hoping to getting more Rhumb Runners competing in the FWSA interclubs next season. 

On April 9th of 2018 we will be providing the venue for the FWSA Rainbow Regatta which will be hosted by the TI Tackers and the Broad Reachers, pending the board's approval. We have done this several times in the past but this will be the first time for the Rhumb Runners to assist with the race. It is one of the best local small boat women's regattas on the west coast. There will be updates throughout year on the planning process. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Barb Meyer 

RR Sailing/Racing Co-Chair

Rhumb Runners Practice Capsizing

We know that sunfish are easy to right but how many of us have actually tried it? Well, on February 2nd, a few Rhumb Runner's decided to try their hands at it!


Rhumb Runner Activities - January 2016 Updates

Rhumb Runners "Girls on the Beach" has a new name "Sunfish Sundays." We are going back to monthly sailing on the Sunday following the club weekend.  Be at the beach to start rigging  by 11:00AM  If you would like to give the Vanguard prams a try and  we can work on rigging them too.

Bring a lunch to eat at your leisure, the plan is to be on the water by 1:00PM.  There will be a safety boat and a simple course set for those who would like to try their hand at racing. 

There is no pressure to race, but it is one of the best ways to learn how to sail a Sunfish.  We are there to support you, it's perfectly fine to just sail around the course.  All club women are welcome to join us!

Bring gloves and your PFD if you have them.  Contact Barb Meyer or Paula Shur for more information.

Sunfish Sunday dates: 1-24, 2-28, 3-27, 4-24, 5-29, 6-26, 7-24, 8-28, 9-25, 10-30, 11-27.  Please note dates are subject to change due to weather and club events.

Sail fast, live slow, and never be afraid to get your butt wet!

Paint Night BCYC

Pat Gallagher was in town and hosted a BYOB Paint Night at BCYC similar to the ones she hosts at her art center in Philadelphia (Pat designed our T-shirt logo). We had a great time!



Canoeing/Kayaking on the Rainbow River

Back in October, we visited the Rainbow River and had a blast cruising down the river in slow motion.  When do we go back?

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