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Presentation by Ann Weaver, Ph.D. - "Secrets Behind the Dolphin Smile (hosted by Rhumb Runners)

  • 02/15/2019
  • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM
  • BCYC Clubhouse

Sponsored by Rhumb Runners...

Ann Weaver, Ph.D., will be presenting her studies and book

Secrets Behind the Dolphin Smile - 25 Amazing Things
that Dolphins Do

at 6.30pm on Friday, February 15th at the BCYC Clubhouse.

Please join us!

Ann Weaver, Ph.D. Bio

Dr. Ann Weaver is the principle investigator of a long-term 13-year study of free-ranging bottlenose dolphins under NOAA permit. She has studied our local wild dolphins at sea 1-3 times a week since 2003. The purpose of her study is to measure the impact of replacing the John’s Pass Bridge (coastal construction) on them. She has conducted over 2000 surveys of her dolphin study area.

She has written a new book on dolphin: Secrets behind the Dolphin Smile – 25 Amazing Things Dolphins Do (available now on

Ann is an animal behaviorist. She has worked with 200 species of animals. She trained at the world famous San Diego Zoo. She earned her Ph.D. at Emory University as a Woodruff Fellow and specialized in peacemaking studies under world famous primatologist Frans de Waal, which won her numerous awards. She did a postdoc in child psychiatry at the University of Colorado.

She worked for 15 years as a university professor, promoted to dean of statistics and research, chairing 85 dissertation committees.

She is a statistician. Ann currently runs a successful statistical consulting firm, good-natured Statistics Consulting. She analyzes databases for people, when not studying the dolphins.

She is a newspaper columnist. Ann writes a popular science newspaper column called Dolphin Watch. She has published over 450 articles on dolphin behavior, which landed her 1st place for the Best Outdoors Newspaper column from the Florida Press Association competition in 2011. A documentary of her research by the Gulf Coast Journal with Jack Perkins won an Emmy.



Secrets behind the Dolphin Smile – 25 Amazing Things Dolphins Do is a unique book of lively short stories and riveting photos that reveal how wild dolphins use their big brains to face challenges at sea: sharks, death, injury, insult, temptation, companionship, protection, sex, showmanship, and rescue – to name a few. How they manage this has remained a mystery… until now.

This first-hand look at dolphins from the inner circle covers five engaging topics: Rules of Conduct; Seaside Showmanship; Behavior towards the Boat; Bull Behavior; and the final secret behind the dolphin smile, an unsuspected capacity for gratitude.

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