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Latitude 27° 44' 21'' N
Longitude 82° 41' 44" W

Located on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay in Gulfport, Boca Ciega Yacht Club (BCYC) is only four miles from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico offering sailors easy access to west Florida's best cruising destinations as well as fabulous sailing on the protected waters of the Bay. BCYC members enjoy club cruising, racing and a full social calendar throughout the year. If you are not already a Member, we invite you to discover the many benefits of membership and join the most exciting and friendly sail club in Florida.

Raft-Up, Raft-Up, Raft-Up!

Oh My!! What a weekend!!

Food, fun, rain, blackout, a salad tornado, generators, flashlights and fans, creating the biggest swimming pool on the bay, John & Richard's synchronized dancing.... a fun time was had by all!  

Raft-Up Dinner by Cell Phone Light

Thank you to the more than 35 volunteers (old members and new) who pitched in to help clean, decorate, prep food, assemble salads, run around, serve food, do dishes, haul trash, clean and clean again!  Your hard work is what makes this weekend come together! 

The Raft Comes together

Also, a big thank you to the Sea Scouts and their advisers who built the raft and kept us safe. 

Sea Scouts

So, who's up for next year?!?

Rhumb Runners Presents: An Intimate look at Sailing for Women by Women

Two seasoned sailors and former Sail School Students share their experiences.

Samantha Ring

  • Just Do It; many small steps lead to a long journey
  • Stay Safe; tips for travel
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Susan Setley

  • If I’d known then what I know now…
  • Chart plotters lie and play tricks on you
  • YOU WILL RUN AGROUND what then?
  • What does your crew know that could save you?
  • Moving out of your Safety Zone - Safely


Guys can come too!
Sponsored by Rhumb Runners

Upcoming Events

09/30/2014 5:30 PM • Boca Ciega Yacht Club
10/01/2014 7:00 PM • Boca Ciega Yacht Club & Anchorage 4600 Tifton Dr S, Gulfport, FL
10/04/2014 • Tampa Sailing Squadron
10/04/2014 8:30 AM • Boca Ciega Yacht Club & Anchorage 4600 Tifton Dr S, Gulfport, FL
10/04/2014 9:00 AM • Terra Ceia Bay
10/05/2014 10:00 AM • Boca Ciega Yacht Club

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