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Located on beautiful Boca Ciega Bay in Gulfport, Boca Ciega Yacht Club (BCYC) is only four miles from the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico offering sailors easy access to west Florida's best cruising destinations as well as fabulous sailing on the protected waters of the Bay. BCYC members enjoy club cruising, racing and a full social calendar throughout the year. If you are not already a Member, we invite you to discover the many benefits of membership and join the most exciting and friendly sail club in Florida.

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The Rescue of the Pelican

Sleeping on Redemption Song on Saturday night was a bit like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with all the wind and rain moving through. David went up to the clubhouse early on Sunday morning to witness Here and Now on the sea wall at Osgood Point. As members came in that morning to offer support and assistance to Russ and Melissa, more members came in for the January race. It was certainly a morning with a lot of activity. 

David & I were packing up to go home, tucking Redemption Song back in securely. The winds had messed with our mainsail a bit. David noticed a pelican struggling in the Australian Pine on our east jetty. I looked as it was hung in the tree. Our hearts sank with the thought that the pelican was tangled with a fishing line around its wing. The more it struggled, the more tangled it became. During our years of living on the beach, we saved many birds in the same condition. We knew we could not help this one. I went into the clubhouse to look for someone who would be willing to assist this unfortunate bird.

I spotted Richard, our Commodore, and told him about the struggling bird. Richard went out to investigate the situation. The pelican was too far up in the tree to reach. Garth Reynolds and JJ went out to help Richard. I walked over to see if I could help. Richard climbed up in the tree and sawed off the branch the pelican was stuck in. He then cut the fishing line the pelican was caught up in.

This is why David & I love being a part of BCYC!  Our BCYC family has heart, works together to assist one another and our feathered friends. Here is a picture Richard took and sent to me to let me know the pelican was rescued.

Richard Walters has started his year off as a hero.

With gratitude, Joye Swisher

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